Nike Outlets » Verry useull info, thanks.
Nike Outlets » This is an intriguing topic. Iím always looking for valuable resources to show clients and my coworkers, and your article is definitely worth sharing!
Steven Binion » Hey Jeff, it's been a while so I thought I'd drop in to see how you're doing.
Steven Binion » Hey Jeff, it's been a while so I thought I'd drop in to see how you're doing.
Jeff Stoll » Sometimes
jeffreyobrien » LIT35
courtey » if you are matt hardy i will kick your asss
courtey » talk to me
courtey » jeff stole
courtey » you matt hardy if you are you suck i will hurt you
BDSM Mary » Hi Jeff May be do some shot ?
me0ZJZJ441441 » 26DQ1
Kim » Happy Halloween!
jen » do you still go on here?
venisha » hello there
Jeff Stoll » Hey Venisha
Jeff Stoll » Hey Kim. Yep I saw her. Didn't talk to her thouigh. I already have her autograph and didn'y want to buy anything.
Jeff Stoll » Twisted Nightmare was real good. Not as many dealers as last year but I got some great stuff.
venisha » hey jeff
Kim » Did you get to see Linda Blair?
Luther Skywalka » anyone home in here?
Luther Skywalka » how was Twisted Nightmare?
Jeff Stoll » Yep I'm still here.
KimB » Hi Jeff! Are you still blogging here?
venisha »
Jeff Stoll » Yes ! LOL
Jeff Stoll » Yes ! LOL
venisha » BOO! lolol did i scare ya?
Jeff Stoll » What the hell? What's with this submit a code to show your a person crap? LOLOL
Jeff Stoll » Noooooooo Not again ! Maybe she went on a secret mission?
Danger Girl » anyone around here seen Venisha? She seems to be missing!
Jeff Stoll » LOL I know
venisha » i think Name really likes you Jeff
Name » Message
Name » Message
Jeff Stoll » Hi name. Thanks for the message
Name » Message
Jeff Stoll » Hi Venisha
Jeff Stoll » Hey Jim. I don't know. Sign up for a page make sure it's an artist page. I think the upload page will explain it. Can't be too hard.
venisha » hello
jim » how do i do that?--i've never done it before......
Jeff Stoll » Hey Jim. You know you can get an artist page there and put your music on it?
Jeff Stoll » LOL yep name gets around.
jim » hi jeff--i checked your "other" site--looks really cool!
venisha » hey jeff... there's that name person again lol
Name » Message
Jeff Stoll » Nope. I'm here and there but bloging is mostly here. Thanks
Christina. » Did you move your blog? I'm glad you got the Amber Alert ticker to work. *smiles* Have a great day! *hugs*
Jeff Stoll » I'm here and there too. Click my name. Venisha's there too and Pris and Bard
Jeff Stoll » So I'm goona try and clean it and see. I still have 5 days to have them replace it if needed.
Jeff Stoll » Jim. I bought the Tru Calling DVD but it's not playing roght on that final ep. Looks like it was on in Canada? Anyway they used that new burner that burns a labrl on ot and I think that's the trouble.
Jeff Stoll » Hey Kim. Thanks.
KimB » Where's Jeff?
jim » jeff there or not?
KimB » SoundClick, there's a link at my blog.
jim » nothing more to report on tru calling..sigh! get the dvd yet?
jim » oops i better turn off the caps button-lol!
Jeff Stoll » Hey Venisha Happy Fri the 13th to you too.
Jeff Stoll » Hey Booga. Yep stole it. LOLOL
Jeff Stoll » Cool Kim ! You posting it anywhere?
venisha » happy Friday the 13th
Boogaboo » Hey! that's where my sign went!
KimB » Hi Jeff! Steve and I finally have a new song out!
Jeff Stoll » Hey Venisha
venisha » hey jeff
Jeff Stoll » It was hot in Ohio and humid. Then it stormed and it's cool outside now but hot inside.
Sandy » happy Morning! 8:00am & already 75 degrees in San Diego. c'mon out everybody!!!
Jeff Stoll » Hi Sandy
Sandy » hi jeff, happy Monday to you!
Jeff Stoll » LOLOL
jim » hey jeff!--oops! my bag fell off my head!
Jeff Stoll »
Darkangel » Good morning Jeff. thanks for stopping by to say hello
Jeff Stoll » Hi kim
KimB » Hi Jeff, stopping by for a little visit!
Jeff Stoll » Been busy all weekend. Feels Like it's caught up with me.
jim » hey jeff!--you've been quite quiet lately--whatcha been doing?
Jeff Stoll » Hey Jim. Thanks
Jeff Stoll » Hi Christina I haven't had time to try it but I'l let you know.
Jeff Stoll » Hello
jim » hi jeff hope all is well with you...
Christina » Oh and .. have a great day by the way! *smiles*
Christina » Did the code not work for you?
venisha » hello
Jeff Stoll » Hey Darkroze. Thanks
Jeff Stoll » Thanks Jim. I was going to tape it just in case but Bush is still talking and talikng and talking...
jim » jeff-i'll do some investigating on this tru thingy...i see the show is not on tonite--suxs!!!
jim » i am a member of a yahoo group that is dedicated to the fans of tru calling-go to yahoo groups and type in Tru Calling
darkRoze » have a good week
Jeff Stoll » Jim where did you get that info?
jim » jeff-check out the lowdown on tru calling on venisha's tagboard....
jim » howdy jeff just poppin' in to see how yer doin'!
Jeff Stoll » Thanks Jim Hi Darkangel. Hi Booga. Hi Darkroze. Thanks
darkRoze » hewo have a good weekend
Boogaboo » *Burp*
Darkangel » hi Jeff. got your link from kim's site and thought i'd drop by and say hello. hope u have a wonderful weekend.
jim » stopping by and left a comment on yer entry...have a good day!
Jeff Stoll » Hi Chris waving back LOL
Jeff Stoll » LOL Hi Bard you shadow .